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This is the thirtieth post of Deke Dangle RPF Anon, a community for all your ice hockey anon meme needs.


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What's Up With Your Team? - Midsummer Edition

From: (Anonymous)

Fic Discussion

From: (Anonymous)
There's got to be something good, right?

Shipping Primers

From: (Anonymous)
Tell us about your ships! Primers, manifestos, etc.

Development Camps

From: (Anonymous)
AKA that thing that happens after the draft that US-college students can go to without running afoul of the NCAA.

A thread for all the news and screencaps from periscope you'd like to share.

Fic Finder

From: (Anonymous)
Because sometimes you can't quite remember.

TheSinBin Kinkmeme

From: (Anonymous)
real summertime workouts

Hockey Media

From: (Anonymous)
Articles and other such reports

Ask Meme

From: (Anonymous)
For your burning offseason inquiries

Your favourite hockey-related gifs

From: (Anonymous)
Post some cute/funny/interesting/memorable/... gifs you like.


From: (Anonymous)

The NHLPA has released the list of Player-elected arbitration. The club-elected arbitration requests are due today. Thirty players filed for arbitration, although 2 (Jesper Fast & Alex Galchenyuk) have since signed contracts.

Who is your pick for who will actually get to a hearing?

Players IRL

From: (Anonymous)
The season is over, and everyone has been set loose on the world. Mostly they go to weddings.