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Re: Hockey Articles/Media

From: (Anonymous)
I spent a few paragraphs convinced this article about Connor McDavid was some kind of parody, because he voices actual opinions about the draft lottery process, and they are not kind ones.

“I really feel for Matthews, having to go through what I had to go through. It’s not fun. It’s stressful. It’s upsetting.”


“If I were to say anything to Matthews, it would be to keep an open mind,” said McDavid. “Whatever happens happens.

“But I know how hard that is to do.

“The reason it’s so stressful is that when they open one of those envelopes, your fate is being decided for the next how many years.

“That one moment affects your whole life. I mean it really affects a lot of areas. There’s way more than hockey involved,” he said of the people you’ll be associated with, the people who will affect your future, maybe even who you’ll meet and end up marrying and starting a family with. It goes on and on.

“It even affects the taxes you’ll pay,”

Re: Hockey Articles/Media

From: (Anonymous)
Aw. I feel for the guy. (Though to be fair, it seems like this is just what being drafted at all feels like for the average player. It's also stressful and uncertain and life-changing! But I get having a specific time that envelope opens and you find out could be especially nerve-wracking.)

"Keep an open mind" sounds like it's code for "I thought my life was over when the Oilers won but it turns out it's not so bad here."

Re: Hockey Articles/Media

From: (Anonymous)
Yeah, most of what he says applies to the draft system as a whole + how the ELC/RFA/UFA system gives players so little choice about this stuff. So in some ways this is a much more sweeping critique than it appears at first, although I don't know if he meant it that way.

Re: Hockey Articles/Media

From: (Anonymous)
Hope this is a sign of thing to come, would be cool if McDavid turned out to be a real talk interview.

Re: Hockey Articles/Media

From: (Anonymous)
That would be incredible. He'd be the anti-Crosby. Canada's next generational talent, and he gives no fucks? Of course the narrative would swing against him almost immediately. :\

Re: Hockey Articles/Media

From: (Anonymous)

Maybe you're picturing a more scathing degree of real talk then me, but he'd still be a white north american player who puts up great numbers so I don't know about the narrative swinging against him too harshly.