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Re: Hockey Articles/Media

From: (Anonymous)
Aw. I feel for the guy. (Though to be fair, it seems like this is just what being drafted at all feels like for the average player. It's also stressful and uncertain and life-changing! But I get having a specific time that envelope opens and you find out could be especially nerve-wracking.)

"Keep an open mind" sounds like it's code for "I thought my life was over when the Oilers won but it turns out it's not so bad here."

Re: Hockey Articles/Media

From: (Anonymous)
Yeah, most of what he says applies to the draft system as a whole + how the ELC/RFA/UFA system gives players so little choice about this stuff. So in some ways this is a much more sweeping critique than it appears at first, although I don't know if he meant it that way.